Does Tranquillis work? Read this 2018 Tranquillis review to find out!

Our body is composed of interconnected organ systems, which are all controlled by our brain, so when something goes wrong in the way our brains send signals and commands. It could result to an imbalance that is felt all throughout our body. So if you are experiencing a ringing in your ears for some time now, then you might have a condition called Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a common condition that affects thousands of people everywhere and current medications are not reliable. Today, though, you are reading a Tranquillis  review, which is a supplement specially formulated and researched by a professional who also suffered from Tinnitus.

Howard Briggs claims that Tranquillis has many benefits, but primarily helped in stopping the ringing in his ears. So delve into this article and see how it might also work to stop that annoying ringing in your ear that disrupts your everyday life.

Product Details

Product Name: Tranquillis

Author: Howard Briggs with the help of Edgar Lambert

Price: Previously $99 for each bottle, there’s a discount now of:

  1. Basic: $69/bottle
  2. Standard: $59/bottle
  3. Premium: $49/bottle

Where to Buy:

Bottles Included: 3 choices – basic (1), standard (3), or premium (6)

Refund: Money-back guarantee for 60 days

Bonus: None, but promo and discounts are offered in the website occasionally


Tinnitus is really uncomfortable because the incessant ringing in your ear can bring a lot of headaches in so many ways. It also poses a problem to balance and motor movements and it can make one tiny noise amplified a thousand times, which can be frustrating. The author of Tranquillis has suffered from Tinnitus for years and it completely broke him down and almost tore his family apart.

One fateful night, Howard Briggs took a gun and almost took his life with it, because his Tinnitus became so worse that he could no longer function or think straight. No matter how many medications he took or therapies he went to, nothing could cure his illness. So he decided to take matters in his hands and research the ways to combat Tinnitus and silence the ringing in his ear.

Tranquillis manages to get the job done and stop the ringing in his ear by bringing back the balance in his brain. As a medical librarian, Howard Briggs has experience in research materials and had many chances to converse with international researchers, one of whom helped him produce this drug, Edgar Lambert, who is part of the elite group of intellectuals with really high IQs.

So with a help from an expert, Tranquillis was born as a legit way to treat Tinnitus and say good bye to the scam medications available in the market.

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How does it work?

Our brain is considered as one of the most powerful machine in the world, because it may not have the cold precision of computers, but it can hold together the different systems in the body and make a living thing function perfectly. So when there is imbalance in the brain, the very command center in the body, things would start to go downhill from there.

Tinnitus is not a problem with the ears, as discovered by Edgar Lambert and Howard Briggs, but actually a problem in the part of our brain responsible for auditory function. When the neural networks in the brains get a little jumbled, similar with electrical wires, pressure accumulates and short-circuiting could occur.

One of the primary benefits of Tranquillis is relieving the electrical passages, called impulses, in the brain so that the communication lines would not be broken and obtain its usual smooth flow, which results to a normal brain function and eliminate the Tinnitus.

The ingredients of Tranquillis also has additional benefits such as preventing the development of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and even dementia. It is very effective in boosting memory storage and strengthening the protective covering of the brain nerves for an effective neural function.

What are the ingredients of Tranquillis?

Howard Briggs believes that all the synthetic chemicals that pharmaceuticals use for Tinnitus drugs are contributing to the brain system imbalance, so he and Lambert made it a point to use 100% natural ingredients for the best health benefits and legit results.

This Tranquillis review would not be complete without breaking down the ingredients and how it works to cure your illness. So here are the following ingredients used:

  1. Vitamin C: a natural antioxidant, it can clear off pollutants that makes it difficult for our brain nerves to transmit signal and function properly. Plus, the concentration used by Tranquillis has another benefit: delaying skin wrinkles!
  2. Niacin and Vitamin B-6: vitamin B, in general, has a lot of benefits for the body since they ensure that signal pathways are clear for the impulses, but this particular Vitamin B is a crucial ingredient in repairing neural nerve damages and improves its functions for a smoother brain function.
  3. Folic Acid and Vitamin B-12: it has a major function in metabolism and energy, but it can also make the brain nerves stronger by supporting the protective layer of the brain and aiding in its repair.
  4. Garlic Extracts: it’s not only important for food preparation, its extract also improve the way our brains stores memory, by making sure that long-term memory pathway is properly functioning.
  5. Olive Leaves: the extract of olive leaves offers a potent concentration for the thickening of the protective layer of the neural nerves and so aids in smoother flow of the neural pathways.
  6. Hibiscus Flower and Hawthorne Berry: the non-stop noise is very annoying and disrupting, but the extracts of these two are the first ingredients to provide relief in the Tranquillis drug supplement, since it has calming effect to the pressured brain nerves.
  7. Buchu Leaves: the neural pathway is composed of interconnected neural nerves, serving as the communication lines, but it can sometimes get tangled together when there are interferences, so this extract help in relieving pressure and making the nerves stronger.
  8. Urvu ulsi, Green Tea Leaves, and Juniper Berry: toxins can accumulate in the neural pathway, which could build up the traffic of signals and delay transmission, so the mixture of this extracts can help flush out the toxins in the brain.

How should you take Tranquillis?

It is recommended to take two capsules of Tranquillis every day, preferably with water and continue taking it for 30 days for better and more permanent results.

How long until it takes effect?

Online testimonials from over 47,000 people who bought the Tranquillis supplement claim that the ear-ringing stopped in as short time frame as 24-hours, but just because it did not immediately abate the Tinnitus, doesn’t mean it’s not effective for you. Each person reacts differently to medications, wait some time to see results.

Advantages of using Tranquillis

  • Tranquillis uses safe and natural ingredients, without resorting to chemicals or synthetic materials.
  • It does not only get rid of Tinnitus, it also give your brain a boost and helps in memory enhancements especially for older people.
  • It serves as a preventive supplement against dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
  • Howard Briggs guarantees permanent cure of the Tinnitus upon using Tranquillis.
  • Tranquillis is manufactured and produced in a FDA-approved and inspected laboratory.
  • Free shipping across the US.

Disadvantages of using Tranquillis

  • Effects may take time, since each person reacts differently to drugs or supplements.
  • Consuming large doses can cause side-effects such as headaches, stomach ache, nausea, and even diarrhea.
  • It is not available in local pharmacy stores, since you can only buy online through the Tranquillis official website.
  • Tranquillis is only being shipped in United States of America (USA) right now. 
  • Pregnant women cannot take these drugs. 
  • People with chronic heart conditions are advised to seek doctor’s advice first, before using the drug.


Tinnitus is an annoying illness to have and in worst-case scenario, it can give excruciating physical and mental pain, so it is best to get rid of it before the brain actually gives in and breaks down. Plus, it can be a sign that the brain nerves are becoming weak and a call for a nutrient that can support it. Hence, after reading this Tranquillis review, I hope it helps you decide whether Tranquillis is worth a try. However, since the brain is the most important organ in the body, you should really take care of it first and foremost!

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