Fat Burning Fingerprint- Big Book Review: Legit or Not?

Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss – one of the greatest aspirations in society today as a lot of people are striving to get that “to die for” body of their dreams. But let’s face it, in reality losing weight and shedding of those pounds can be quite a difficult task and may almost seem impossible to achieve, especially if one lacks working knowledge about the right approach that works for them in able to succeed.

Luckily, with the help of the Internet and due to technological advancements, countless resources are available out there that provide information and help to educate us about this matter so we can achieve the body of our dreams. From fad diets to weight loss programs and hacks promising good and fast results, it may be hard to differentiate which ones are legit and are effective for us or which ones are purely just hoaxes. That is why this Fat Burning Fingerprint review will help you debunk this problem by evaluating this one controversial weight loss product that promises to help people lose weight once and for all.

What it’s all about and how it works

The Fat Burning Fingerprint, being said to be one of the internationally bestselling books about health and fitness, is one of the most sought weight loss programs today. It was developed by a professional fitness, health and nutrition coach and body transformation expert, Gary Watson, who has become a number one bestselling author for his wonderful masterpiece.

The book emphasizes three primary principles, so called “the power of three,” that focuses entirely on your eating method and eating plan: identifying one’s Nutritional Fat Burning Fingerprint Type. It incorporates the power of intelligent eating including also the intellectual eating window and fasting period. Lastly being aware of the foods that should be avoided for your metabolic type helps to achieve the ultimate goal of losing weight.

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Unlike other “one size fits all” systems, it is a system that suits the right approach for each individual to take in order to lose weight, out of their specific metabolic type. With what Gary calls “intellectual eating”, following the eating mechanism according to your nutritional metabolic type, the fat burning hormones in your body are activated. Metabolism is improved accordingly, maximizing the body’s ability to burn fat and contributing to sure and fast weight loss. This guide also stresses the importance of avoiding certain foods that might sabotage the whole fat burning process.

More details about the program

The program specifies the ratio of required amount of macronutrients namely carbohydrates, proteins and fats you should have for each meal and offers sample diet plans for individuals’ specific metabolic type. There are three Nutritional Fat Burning Fingerprint Types described in this book: the Carb type, Protein type and Mixed type (of both).

All this, combined also with the proper eating window formula and fasting period for your designated type, is the heart of this weight loss system. Exercising is incorporated in this program and is most likely suggested to be done during the fasted state of the body; that is right after you sleep first thing upon waking up in the morning and before eating anything to burn and target fats directly and maximize fat burning process.

The author also debunks certain truths that the Food Industry hide to us and the three addictive elements such as sugar, unhealthy fats, and salt they add to our food in excessive amounts yet are bad for our health just to keep the business going. He claims that by consistently following and sticking to this protocol for 3 consecutive weeks, you can actually shed up to 20 pounds, or that in even just less than 30 days.

Pros and Cons of the Fat Burning Fingerprint

This Fat Burning Fingerprint Review points out the following advantages and disadvantages of this product:


  • Highly informative: Uses solid science based facts and well-researched information for surefire way to weight loss
  • Following this program not only helps you lose weight, but also improves your overall health and well-being, lessening risks of diseases and other health complications
  • User friendly and is simple and easy to understand and follow
  • Designed to work on anyone: suits the proper approach to take for each individual to lose pounds in a specific manner
  • There is a 100 % Money back guarantee valid for 60 days. Customers can ask for a refund if not satisfied with the results.
  • Buy one take three. Purchasing one of this item also allows you to get three other bonus books related to weight loss by the same author


  • Can only be found online and is sold as soft copy. No hard copy is available
  • Has a “scammy” vibe to it due to lots of promoting advertisements of products and hints of bandwagon appeal within the content
  • Some of the foods and fruits stated on diet plans in this program are not very easily obtainable
  • Insufficiency of accounts regarding personal evidences and testimonies of its legitimacy outside the website
  • The results sound quite unrealistic. Imagine losing 7 pounds per week which is kind of an unhealthy pace

The bottom line

Upon examining this product for our Fat Burning Fingerprint review, one can say that it is a very sensible and useful tool for weight loss since it is heavily backed up mostly by scientific resolve and trustable research. Although it is kind of pricey as it costs $37 for a single copy, its informative value doesn’t compare to its expensive value.

Though there may be only few accounts of third party statements about the effectiveness of this program, it is absolutely top rated and well recommended by customers that have had their hands on this product on their website in which it can be found and purchased in. After all, it can’t be a bestselling book without having what it takes right? Therefore, the verdict proves that this product is not just a scam but a useful resource for people struggling with losing weight.

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