Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review: The Anti-Tinnitus Breakthrough

Imagine living a life being bombarded by disturbing noises in your head every single day. How stressful and bothersome that could be; it can trigger anxiety due to the continuous, excruciating noises heard or cause headaches from time to time and may affect the quality of sleep you get or even the quality of life that you can have.

In reality, this is the agony that Tinnitus sufferers have to deal with in day to day life. How this compelled ringing in the ears can create a huge negative impact in the lives of many people, not to mention this problem perturbs 1 out of every 5 people. You are lucky if you aren’t included in that minority, but what if you are one of the 20% experiencing this said condition called Tinnitus?

Well your luck did not totally run out as we are sending you a glimmer of hope. In this Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review, we are going to present to you a natural, holistic approach to aiding your Tinnitus and all the irritable symptoms that it brings you all at once.

What is this Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol really?

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is basically a 21-day protocol presented in the form of an eBook guide, containing information of how to get rid of the symptoms of Tinnitus in just a time frame twenty one days. This complete and holistic therapy includes; Tinnitus retraining techniques to relax and reprogram the brain internally, and some ‘tinnitus-silencing’ recipes to create the perfect smoothie for cutting off the effects of Tinnitus permanently.

This 5-step guide comes down to the following percepts:

  • Two common food additives to avert that can cause and worsen Tinnitus
  • The five prescription drugs you should totally avoid
  • The Okinawan foods used to make the healing smoothie for Tinnitus
  • What makes up the ‘Tinnitus 12’ components and why it is so effective in silencing Tinnitus
  • A comprehensive list that can give you access to the store ingredients in able to make the smoothie recipe

Its origin

The mind behind this wonderful discovery belongs to Todd Carson, a 52-year-old military retiree who had a wife that suffered from Tinnitus. Upon coming up to his retirement while in a training camp somewhere in Okinawa, Japan, he explored a nearby Island called Tonaki and met a villager named Kyoko. There he discovered the native foods used by the small village to treat people having Tinnitus, and hence this marked the birth of and anti-Tinnitus breakthrough now called Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol.

How did he do that? He gathered and substituted store-available ingredients from Kyoko’s traditional Okinawan recipes and thought of making it into a smoothie. Having no knowledge on how to do this exactly, he asked for the assistance of Stan Shaw and with the help of some food scientists and nutritionists, and then the ‘Tinnitus-silencing’ smoothie was created.

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How it truly works: The science behind it

Todd Carson proclaims in his study that Tinnitus is mostly caused by a “thinning myelin sheath”. He says that the ringing in the ears from having Tinnitus is caused by a damaged myelin sheath where the communication lines in the nerves are disrupted. This happens due to several factors such as exposure to loud sounds, earwax blockages and may be a product of hearing loss that comes with age.

So, you may wonder, how is it possible to ease all these problems brought by Tinnitus in just a short span of 21 days? Well, it all comes down to the powerful healing components found in the ‘Tinnitus-silencing’ formula.

The clinically proven 12 ingredients present in the smoothie recipe which he calls the ‘Tinnitus 12’, serve a major factor in healing the myelin sheath present in the ears and repair the damaged nerves within the cochlea and the brain. It contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that not only revive the myelin sheath but can also strengthen it.

Things to take note of before deciding to buy it or not

Of course this is an honest Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol review that is why we are going to point out the pros along with the cons that come with this product without bias.

Advantages:Things to like about this product

  • Is is only worth $37 and can save your money from investing on ineffective drugs and expensive surgeries etc.
  • Includes a 60 day money back guarantee for every purchase
  • You can get these amazing bonuses all for free:

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (worth $1,000)

The Binaural Beats for Tinnitus Audio Series (worth $55.95)

The Yoga for Tinnitus Video Series (worth $37.95)

Tinnitus Trigger Foods (worth $290

Disadvantages: Things to watch out for in this product:

  • It’s still new to the market and lacks first-party testimonies from personal users about the effectiveness of the product
  • I don’t know about you, but if you read the whole story of how this creation came as it is, it looks as if it were all made up. It does sound kind of “too good to be true” and has a “scammy vibe” to it just like certain scam products found online with all the paid actors and stuff, but were not very sure.
  • No offline availability and can only be accessed via an electronic device
  • Unapproved by the FDA

Conclusion: Is it worth your money?

So the big question is, “is it really worth your money?”

With all the information we have come upon in this Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review, the answer to that is a plain yes. Well, aside from all the “fishy vibe” and lack of personal statements about the product, the relieving 60-day money back guarantee offered counterfeits it all. As it is still new to the market, the $37 promotional price is also a great bargain along with the included bonuses that also provides more information in combatting Tinnitus.

Todd Carson also proclaims that trying out his product is completely risk free, especially with the double guarantee benefit he offers where he promises to refund every cent of your investment if it doesn’t work for you without any questions and will even allow you to keep the product as a way of expressing his gratitude for trying out his product. So in the end, it’s a total win-win right?

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