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Tinnitus, or ear-ringing, affects over 45 Million Americans and even more millions around the world. Symptoms vary in intensity, some suffer from mild or occasional ear ringing, while for others it is an intense noise, usually of a high intensity. The downside is that it impacts the social life of the sufferer as well as leading to feelings of alienation and, ultimately, depression.

Silencis Pro is the result of intense research in the field of Tinnitus. What the researchers at the Institute for Hearing Performance found, was shocking… Their discovery revolutionizes the way Tinnitus has been treated thus far… It was commonly believed to be an ear problem and was treated locally for the longest time. However, Tinnitus is actually rooted in the brain, not the ear!

Why would your brain cause the Tinnitus symptoms?

Because it’s actually signaling a deficiency in brain nutrients and oxygen. The brain cells send out desperate S.O.S. signals which for some, translate as Tinnitus.

Why can’t the brain get all the helpful nutrients?

Simple: Modern agricultural practices actually depleted the soil from all the nutrients vegetables and fruits need in order to give us all their traditional beneficial effects on the body.

This isn’t the only cause though… cooking methods also destroy a considerable amount of these nutrients so that is something else to consider even if you’d be choosing the food with the cleanest origin. Supplementation is becoming a norm in modern-day society.

We looked at many Silencis Pro reviews, and they are generally positive. We set out to uncover the truth behind the product, the real reviews, the results you can expect from it and the things you need to know about your order before committing to purchasing a package.

Silencis Pro supplement

This Silencis Pro analysis would be completely pointless without us talking a bit about the supplement characteristics.

The bottle contains 60 pills and it is advisable to take 2 pills/day, for 30 days. They advise this as the minimum amount of times you should be using it. Continuous use of the supplement hasn’t shown to expose anyone to any harm.

Also, keep in mind that for the best effects they recommend taking both pills in the morning (preferably with a meal). This way, the vitamins and nutrients will release into the bloodstream all throughout the day, giving your brain the boost it needs to sustain a healthy function.

Is Silencis Pro FDA approved?

According to the website, the FDA is “not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. The manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements are responsible for making sure their products are safe BEFORE they go to market.”

This basically means that all supplements on the market are supposed to contain the FDA disclaimer and cannot claim to have received prior-approval from them.

Silencis Pro is in compliance with the FDA and places all the appropriate disclaimers in a clear and visible format for all potential customers to see.

Silencis Pro customer service

We believe that the journey to a healthy life needs to be sustained by the appropriate support system. So, we set out to test the all-round customer experience, from order placement (which was easy, straight-forward and transparent), to the support that a very inquisitive customer would receive.

Most Silencis Pro testimonials mention how they kept their calm, replied swiftly and politely; this too has given us the feeling that we were getting true value for our money’s worth.

It’s rare to not be bombarded by a never-ending series of canned messages, cold and impersonal replies to actual concerns you may have and not be put on waiting for 45 minutes at a time. So, when we saw that their customer support excelled, ou trust in the product did as well.

In conclusion, we would definitely be recommending the Silencis Pro to anyone in dire need of a new, bright path in their lives.

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